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        The Offical web site of LIQUID LUSTRE, INC.

    Since 1927 the Nathans family has been a leading
force in the automotive industry and making some of
the finest car care products ever made. We started out
selling our products on street corners and door to door...
then doing state fairs and car shows. In 1989 Pete Nathans
did an infomercial on incredible breakthroughs and made
Liquid Lustre our famous pink wax one of the best selling
car waxes of all time. Selling millions of bottles worldwide
and making our company a brand name. Over the last 20 
                                          years we have been pioneers in sales and innovative
                                          demonstrations which are often imitated but certainly never
                                          duplicated. To this day this is the best selling car wax at all
                                          the major car shows in the country. This is the only website
                                          owned and operated by the Nathans family were you can
                                          buy our famous pink wax factory direct from Liquid Lustre.
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